Friday, May 20, 2016

Paperback 942: Q.B.I. / Ellery Queen (Pocket Books 1118)

Paperback 942: Pocket Books 1118 (1st ptg, 1956)

Title: Q.B.I.
Author: Ellery Queen
Cover design: Milton Herder

Estimated value: $5-8
Condition: 5/10

Best things about this cover:
  • It's like the F.B.I. but queer. I imagine.
  • This cover wins awards for "Most Visible Thumbprint" and "Best Kempt Cilia"
  • Where can I get one of these switchblade micro-monocles? Judging by this guy's pupil dilation, they seem fun.

Best things about this back cover:
  • Type script is best.
  • No Nouns Allowed Without Adjectival Guardian
  • Kid Naping. That word *never* looks right to me.

Page 123~ (first line of "Dying Message Dept.: G. I. Story")

Ellery swung off the Atlantic State Express in his favorite small town disguised by earlaps, muffler, and skis, resolved that this time nothing should thwart his winter holiday.

You'll Never Guess What Happens Next! (spoiler: holiday thwarted)


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cwf said...

I dunno, Rex, looks like you're a couple years behind the times with that monocle affectation.

Anonymous said...

Was Ellery riding his favorite small town on the Atlantic State Express, or did he swing off into it.
Was Ellelry's favorite small town disguised by earlaps, muffler and skis or was he? Was he wearing all this as he was driving (skis can be a bitch if you're driving a standard shift) or was his car thus disguised.

Basically, that was one garbled sentence.