Sunday, October 26, 2014

Paperback 827: It Ain't Hay / David Dodge (Dell 380)

Paperback 827: Dell 380 (2nd ptg, 1949) (reprints Dell 270)

Title: It Ain't Hay
Author: David Dodge
Cover artist: [Gerald Gregg]

Estimated value: $30


Best things about this cover:
  • Kind of a big deal.
  • Not just the best Gerald Gregg cover, but one of the best covers of all time.
  • The book that answers the question: why was Dartmouth always coming in last in crew?
  • Also the book that answers the question: is it hay?
  • It's hard out there for a ferryman. So Charon devised himself a backrest.
  • The ferry is also a coffin that is at least partially powered by weed that creates smoke art of hot naked ladies. I dare you to find a weak link in this cover.


Best things about this back cover:
  • Of course it's San Francisco. Would've been a real surprise to turn this book over and find a map of downtown Orem.
  • "Mexican Waters" … which are somehow on land.
  • This map is super awkward. Why is the "California Coastline" part even here? Do we really need all that coastline just to have a tiny number pointing to mysterious "Mexican Waters?" It's like the map designer was, I don't know, high or something.

Page 123~
The main building, perched at the tip of the spit, was surmounted by a huge painted sign: THE BREAKERS—Coca Cola, Beer, Mixed Drinks, Sandwiches, Chili Beans, Sea Food Dinners—DANCING—Cottages For RentSouvenirsFishing Tackle—SWIMMING.

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Zeke said...

I've rolled a few joints in my day. Hell, I've even used one of those mechanical rollers that purport to make perfect joints. Never have I made one, or had one, that burned as perfectly and as regularly as the one on that cover. Mr. Gregg clearly didn't do enough research, that evenness of burn can only be achieved by special papers, ones which have minute amounts of accelerant spaced evenly along the length of the paper. They were available only for cigarettes, and were even outlawed for that some years ago.

That's why god invented pipes.

A said...

OMG this is the best cover ever! I couldn't stop laughing. Someone would have to be high to have created this cover. I would love to wonder what was going on in the head of the artist at the time he created this cover.

Jean said...

At first I thought Death was popping up out of a sardine tin...

Unknown said...

That map is bonkers because the only way "California Coast" and "to Mexico" make sense is if San Francisco is on an island.

Anonymous said...

Gregg was some kinda genius all right. Like, WOW.