Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paperback 709: The Galactic Invaders / James R. Berry (Laser Books 31)

Paperback 709: Laser Books 31 (PBO, 1976)

Title: The Galactic Invaders
Author: James R. Berry
Cover artist: Kelly Freas

Not For Sale — that would be like selling my (pretend) face


Best things about this cover:
  • The Original Floating Head (also, my long-standing blogging avatar)
  • Love the Orange. Love the Font. Love the man who makes spaceships explode with his Mind.
  • The two holes on the helmet are for the retractable horns. Or ventilation. One of those.


Best things about this back cover:
  • "Can we do the painting again from my good side? Thanks."
  • Finally we can see what the title on the front cover had obscured—the giant laser-equipped hairball that's orbiting Planet Orange.
  • "Bryan Cranston is ... Keith Cranston in ... The Galactic Invaders!"

Page 123~
Cranston blinked at the apparent double talk. Ohm was being oblique to the point of obscurity. So far neither of them had mentioned the room with ... those people. If Ohm didn't, Cranston sure as hell wasn't going to either. 
Leave it to Ohm to be resistant. [PHYSICS PUN!]


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cwf said...

Ooh, Kelly Freas! Early Mad magazine cover artist and notably creator of the album art for Queen's News of the World. (cross-posted from twitter for posterity's sake.)

capewood said...

I wonder why Cap't Cranston finds it incredible that unimaginable strange aliens would be threatening. I think that would have been my first thought.

Lucy said...

I have a whole bunch of the early ones from this series, including #3 Crash Landing on Iduna, and #5 Walls Within Walls, both by Arthur Tofte; and #11 Unto the Last Generation, by Juanita Coulson. They all have the same 'scary floating head in the corner' thing going on.

I should go look for more of them.