Monday, June 10, 2013

Paperback 656: Baton Twirling / Doris Wheelus (Warner 78-810)

Paperback 656: Warner Books 78-810 (1st ptg, 1975)

Title: Baton Twirling
Author: Doris Wheelus
Cover artist: photo cover (interior illustrations by Frank Bolle)

Yours for: [Not available—it's a heavily-annotated gift from my college best friend]


Best things about this cover:
  • Well she seems happy.
  • I assume this is a sex manual in metaphorical form. (For instance, replace "twirlers" with "swingers")
  • I always wondered how people learned to do this. Now I know.
  • That half-psychedilic font is kind of amazing.


Best things about this back cover:
  • "Do I!"

Pag 123~

Let inside of your boots or shoes dry thoroughly after each use so that the bacteria will not multiply.

And now, some illustrations:





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Tulse said...

"I assume this is a sex manual in metaphorical form"

It looks like pages 84-85 lose the "metaphor" bit -- she seems awfully cozy with that "baton".

Jean said...

When I was a kid--probably a few years after this book was printed?--baton twirling was absolutely the thing. All my friends had batons and we practiced diligently. We were uniformly terrible. I don't know WHY--it's not as though majorette was an actual job that anyone was doing. Maybe there was one at the high school.

Pat said...

The excerpt from page 123 is pretty sound advice for almost every situation.