Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paperback 436: Midsummer Passion / Erskine Caldwell (Avon 177)

Paperback 436: Avon 177 (1st ptg, 1948)

Title: Midsummer Passion
Author: Erskine Caldwell
Cover artist: Ann Cantor

Yours for: $19


Best things about this cover:
  • "With your permission, my lady ... May I sniff these?"
  • He is appropriately grubby. She is impossibly clean.
  • All I can think is "Really? Right on a bed of lettuce? Isn't there a nice flat patch of lawn nearby where you can have your furtive rustic tumble?"


Best things about this back cover:
  • Once again, Shakespeare approves!

Page 123~

"I ain't going to let that good-for-nothing Canuck get his hands on the best farm in the whole gol-darned country. Come on to the village and get it settled right away."

For some Boston Bruins fans, winning the Stanley Cup was not enough. Canucks must be made to suffer year-round!


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Brian Busby said...

In the many years since the "Shakespeare-Head" first appeared as an imprint we've not been able to decide on that hyphen.

Doug Brunell said...

I just discovered this blog. Very funny stuff. I will be back, to quote some movie star.

bonigreg said...

Wow, what kind of lettuce do you eat? Not sure that is any kind of real plant but it most resembles ivy. In any case, it does look very uncomfortable. Exactly what type of undergarment is that? Can't quite see how one would don it, not to mention the fact it wouldn't fit over those huge thighs. Maybe it's his?

Nanners said...

I'm loving Shakey's raised eyebrow.

DemetriosX said...

Actually, I think those are peas. Although, peas are usually planted with some sort of climbing help, so I don't know.

Also, he looks like he's trying to sell her that whatever it is, but I think it's the wrong size.

Random White Guy said...

Once again, Shakespeare approves!

I dunno, Rex. Looking at Willie's face, that expression doesn't strike me as approval.

McClaverty said...

Yes, the cover artist is Ann Cantor.

borky said...


'Brain damaged George Clooney': "Beautiful lady who looks like a giant strawberry just waiting to be plucked, I am gypsy, no? A true Romany, an' I wish to sell you these true lucky gypsy panties like my holy sainted grandmother used to wear..."

Betty Braindead: "Sheesh, you sure they ain't the same ones she used to wear as of five minutes ago?"

"Si! So you see how they bring you much luck!"

"Sugar, it's the other way 'round -the less you wear panties, the more lucky you get!"