Friday, February 4, 2011

Paperback 385: Rage to Love / Frank Tilsley (Popular Giant G143)

Paperback 385: Popular Giant G143 (1st ptg, 1954)

Title: Rage to Love
Author: Frank Tilsley
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $9


Best things about this cover:
  • That tagline does not match this picture, but I guess "He Waited Patiently For The Mailman" isn't quite as exciting.
  • I suppose there are sluttier poses than that one, but ... not many, I'd guess.
  • I'm gonna downgrade that pose rating from "slutty" to "slatternly," with a dose of "wasted"
  • The question isn't really "why that pose?" but "why that pose *there*, with her elbows on the sink basin??" "You like this, huh baby? Dirty dishes, dirty girl, right, baby? ... Baby? ... oh for chrissake it's Sunday, the mailman's not coming!"


Best things about this back cover:
  • "I can hear your liver!"
  • "And I love origami!"
Page 123~

He closed his eyes, opened them again. Stall after stall, with beans, and trucks behind them, unloading: box after box—of beans. There must be as many beans in East Row here alone as Jimmy had bought in the rest of the market!

I submit that this book should be retitled "He Dreams Of Beans." That would explain her expression of contempt on the front cover.


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Deb said...

Sharon Stone practices for her big scene in "Basic Instinct."

Marla said...

There is absolutely nothing in the artwork or text that connotes London's East Side. It looks a lot more like... Ohio, perhaps.

JamiSings said...

Years ago someone gave me a homemade blue dress for my Barbie dolls. I loved that blue dress. Wanted to have one just like it someday for myself - before I grew up as fat as I did.

Anyway, the point is - that blue dress looked EXACTLY like the blue dress on the back cover of this book. Right down to that particular shade of blue.

Guess I know what the seamstress of that dress had been reading when she made it.

Slattern said...

Neither of those women look as if they had been "used to get what he wanted". He doesn't seem to want it one-fourth as much as they.

DemetriosX said...

What the heck is she casting that sidelong glance AT? The guy is behind her, there's no way she can see him in her peripheral vision. Even if she could swivel her eyes like a chameleon, her hair is in the way. Near as I can tell, she's checking out the coffee pot.

Deb said...

@Marla: I thought exactly the same thing. The cover looks like one of those Hillbilly-lust-in-the-pines-Tobacco-Road-ripoffs from the 1950s. I was flummoxed by the reference to the East End--moreso when I encountered the word "truck." In England in the 1950s, the word would definitely have been "lorry."

Michael5000 said...

What kind of title is "Rage to Love (The Fortunate Man)"?!?

If I didn't know better, I'd think Complete, Unabridged, and Briskly Translated from the Chinese. Page 123 does nothing to discredit this theory.

Anonymous said...

London's famous East Side, just down the Left Bank from the Rialto...

dcmatthews said...

What's this "He used women to get what he wanted" nonsense? Women ARE what men want!

borky said...

DemetriosX: "What the heck is she casting that sidelong glance AT?"

Maybe she's playing peekaboo with the dust motes in the corner of her eyes?

I was more concerned why her stomach seemed so swollen, as if she might be pregnant? And why were her legs splayed in such an odd but seemingly deliberate pose, one foot on the ground, one foot off, as if to lessen some sort of internal build-up of pressure she was experiencing?

For that matter, why was he standing so close to the subtly opened window, his hand strategically placed near his rectum but in such a way as to make it not too obvious?

And on the rear cover, why was his ear now pressed tightly to her stomach, but his hands now desperately clutched together over the region of HER rectum?

Then, in an explosion, came the answer - beans!

Hence the title, Rage to Love.

They loved beans so much their bowels were left raging!