Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paperback 376: Dracutwig / Mallory T. Knight (Award Books A488S)

Paperback 376: Award A488S (PBO, 1969)

Title: Dracutwig
Author: Mallory T. Knight
Cover artist: photo???


Best things about this cover:
  • I don't know. I might have gone with "Twigula."
  • Mallory T. Knight! I really hope King Arthur is somehow also involved in this story (even though it's already pretty crowded in there)
  • Cover says "luscious little sexpot," photo ... doesn't.

Best things about this back cover:
  • That is possibly the greatest (in the sense of "most absurd") opening back cover sentence ever.
  • "Mod scene"—this book could only have come into being during something like a 3-hour period in the late '60s. Great cultural snapshot. Never cared for the Twiggy look, but I'd like to thank Twiggy nonetheless for spawning whatever this is.

Page 123~

Karl's superb artistry in the field of theatrical makeup enabled him to assume any number of appearances, and what with his specialized talents, in one guise or another he managed to keep himself in constant demand by the rich kookie cultists of the area.

Mmm, kookie cultists. That's me. I'm baking at least two kinds of kookies this afternoon.


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Lisa in Oz said...

I would totally read this.

And that may be the most embarrassing thing I've ever written.

Raven's Angel said...

Before I read the description, I mentally read the title as "Dra-cut-wig"... Not that "Dra-cu-twig" is much better!

And don't worry, Lisa - I'd totally read it too!

JamiSings said...

I want to read it too, but I'm not sure I'd want to own it.

I would say what I thought it said at first, but I know some women would be offended. Let's just say I inserted an "N" in there that shouldn't be and wondered why any woman, even a vampire, would wear a wig down there.

Also - one of her "pets" is daddy? Oy vey! That must put such a cramp in her love life! We all know even if daddies are bloodsuckers they want to think their little girls are innocent virgins....

DemetriosX said...

I'm pretty sure the mod scene was over by 1969. This is a case of either the author and/or the copywriter being way behind the curve.

But you can just see the workings of the mind of a hack writer or editor here. "What's in right now? Hmmm, Carnaby Street, Twiggy, Hammer films. We need a plot. Hey, I just saw 'Cat People' on TV over the weekend, what about that?"

pious agnostic said...

A wig down there?

In think she's British.

Not 'Merkin.

Deb said...

mr beat me to it, but yes, JamiSings, there is such a thing as a wig for down there and it's called a merkin.

JamiSings said...

Oh I knew the existed, though why I don't understand. I just couldn't figure out why a vampire would wear one. Unless in the Mod scene having it be like a jungle down there was as hot as it being as bare as a 12 year old girl's is now.

borky said...

Rex: "Mmm, kookie cultists. That's me."

Well, I'd agree with those who say you're somewhat "kookie", but I don't agree you're a "complete cult"...I think that's what they said...