Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paperback 325: Honest Sex / Rustum & Della Roy (Signet Q3857)

Paperback 325: Signet Q3857 (PBO? 1969)

Title: Honest Sex
Authors: Rustum & Della Roy
Cover artist: no

Yours for: $11

Best things about this cover:
  • "Honest Sex"— Honestly? No thanks.
  • If "Rustum & Della Roy" aren't pseudonyms, I don't know what are.
  • These folks better be swingers—otherwise this book is going to be a Major disappointment.
  • I like how the punch line of the entire cover (besides the author names) is "Christians"; you're just reading along, figuring you're looking at any old sex book, and bam. Sexy Christians, eh? Hmmm, I'm intrigued ...

Best things about this back cover:

  • Whoa whoa whoa! Which of these things is not like the other!? Dear lord. The fact that "Abortion" is even on this list gives me a pretty idea of what these authors think of kinky (or even ordinary) sex.
  • The "Playboy" endorsement does, however, give me some hope ... I really, really can't wait for Page 123 on this one.

Page 123~
Reluctant wives (rarely, reluctant husbands) are sometimes involved after persuasion by their spouses. The reports on the experience are so favorable—including a great deal of unanimity on the improvement of the marriage as a result of such experience—that we have hypothesized that the cause may lie deeper than the simple fact of having coitus with two or more partners. Unfortunately, we have had no personal contact with anyone who has participated in any club or even minimally organized mate-sharing.
A little clinical, but awesome nonetheless. First, that parenthetical aside. Nice. Second, "coitus." Yuck. There's a word designed to make you Not want to have sex. Third, "Unfortunately..." HA ha. "Me and Rustum were just talking about how we wish we knew some swappers so we could, you know, do some, uh, first-hand research, as it were."


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Unknown said...

Did they have to draw it on the cover?

Brian Busby said...

Nope, not pseudonyms. Here's Rustum! Seems a smart fellow.

To answer the pressing question posed by the back cover, I wonder if anyone, Christian or not, can constantly engage in the activities listed. Sounds not only exhausting, but impossible. I mean I how can one enjoy pre-marital intercourse and adultery and wife-swapping? It just makes no sense.

Pax said...

Real names and actual awards given in said names as late at 2008.

Sorry I can't help myself, I suffer from need to know addiction.

Pax said...

Oh, he has a PhD. in Ceramics (?)from Penn so you can easily see how this book would have been his destiny.