Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paperback 308: A Room on the Route / Godfrey Blunden (Bantam 947)

Paperback 308: Bantam 947 (1st ptg, 1951)

Title: A Room on the Route
Author: Godfrey Blunden
Cover artist: Uncredited [Schaare???]

Yours for: $17

Best thing about this cover:
  • Soviet singing sensation "Drago" was in constant danger of being mauled by his overzealous, sex-crazed fanbase of lonely Nanas. Here, security moves in quickly to save him.
  • This book was apparently published in that narrow window of time when "Soviet" had not yet found a "Union" to modify.
  • This guy's like a Soviet Jesus. Look at his beatific face, the halo of light around his head, the way he's being mistreated, the way he appears to be looking plaintively at us, admonishing us to give up our sinful ways... you've got Mary there in foreground, Mary Magdalen in background, Roman centurions coming to take him away ...

Best things about this back cover:

  • N.K.V.D. — secret police organization that preceded K.G.B.; not, as I'd originally hoped, the shortened name of 90's boy band New Kids with Venereal Diseases.
  • Every book should come with "mounting action."

Page 123~

The men in the factory felt they had made a victory.

The men in the factory then headed to their ESL class to learn more about how to make a sentence that sounds right in English.


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JamiSings said...

Mmm - I'd rather have a book with kung fu grip.

Unknown said...

I can't shake the feeling that "Drago" is the same guy as on the cover of Fightin' Fool! from a few weeks back. Oh Fightin' Fool - where will your wacky time-jumpin' hijinks take you next?!?

Much better cover! Plot-spilling action in every corner! Strange to use a font very close to "Default Nazi" for the title of a Soviet exposé novel.

I'm kinda relieved that the NKVD Goon Squad kicked in the door before Drago could get it on with his menage-a-granny.

Michael5000 said...

Life in the Soviet.... Life in the Soviet.... Dammit, don't leave me hanging!

Frank said...

Babuschka's not letting go of her man-candy without a fight, damnit!

Nicole "Gidget" Kalstein said...

I want to know what's going on with the naked chick back there. She looks like she suddenly woke up in a strange place with Drago and his grandmother. I think granny slipped a roofie into her vodka.