Friday, March 5, 2010

57 Books from the University Book Sale: Book 50

Title: The Album (Pocket Books 121, 1st ptg, 1941)
Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Cover artist: [somebody] Silten

Yours for: $10

  • "Yo, you got the new Mary Roberts Rinehart album yet?! That shit is dope!"
  • So it's ... about a big book. Exciting! Way to hook me with the cover art. How did you know about my leather-bound tome fetish!?

  • Bespectacled kanga is kute.

Bonus: Opening pages of this book are ... in the style of an actual photo album:

And there are two maps inside:



Page 123~

Jim seemed calm enough as a witness and he made — at least at first — a good impression.

Then he started sweating bullets and rocking back and forth and shouting for more mustard on his hot dog. That's when the bailiff got involved.


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Lisa in Oz said...

I love me a good map in a book - I'm the person that likes to flip back and look at it occasionally as I read. (Nerd alert!) The album illustrations are just the icing on the cake...for those and the map alone, I love this one. Pity Wassname Stilten couldn't bring it for the cover art.

Tulse said...

What's the creepy image in the middle of the album's front cover? Is that book actually the Necronomicon?

And may I point out that it is extremely lazy for a writer of murder mysteries to kill off someone in "a way too gruesome to mention"? How does that work, anyway -- when the murder takes place, is the page blank? Or is it simply not described? "As Helen arrived, she saw Louisa bending over the body. 'How did he die?', she asked. 'Oh Helen, it is too horrible to relate in any fashion!' Louisa replied, 'I literally cannot find the words to describe it in any manner whatsoever, except, suffice to say, it was extremely gruesome.'"

Deb said...

Are we sure the artist isn't Stilton--because that cover sure is cheesy!

Nicole "Gidget" Kalstein said...

I suspect that someone was bludgeoned with that fatty leather album.

I'm slightly bothered by the writing style on the back cover, for some reason. Ending a sentence with a preposition. Tsk, tsk.

I do like the use of "a-gossip", though.

capewood said...

Herbert Ranchester Dean - a criminologist who could work with the police. Isn't that what criminologists do, work with the police?

By the way, I like the cut of his jib.

Frank said...

The second sentence on the back: if you're going to use dashes to offset a list, then COMMIT! Don't chicken out with the last one and go with a comma.