Friday, February 12, 2010

57 Books from the University Book Sale: Book 47

: Reno Rendezvous (Popular 60-2119, 1st ptg, 1967)
Author: Leslie Ford (last one, I swear)
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $7

  • Kinky.
  • I like how the accidental abrasions on her mouth make her look like a vampire.
  • "Thinking about divorce? ... Think Again!" — that should have been the tagline.
  • From the neck (*just* below the rope) down, this woman is hot.
  • I wish this artist got credit. I'd like to know the name behind this painter with a predilection for neck-snapping. I'll just call him "Snappy." See also...

And the back of "Reno Rendezvous" ...

  • "A flying visit to Reno.." — why does that phrasing sound off?
  • I wouldn't worry about the "shadow of a noose." I'd worry about the actual noose. That one. There. Around your neck.

Page 123~

She raised her eyes to his, round and blue as delft saucers.

Not so much sexy as comically cartoonish. "You remind me of this anime I saw once..."


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Anonymous said...

$250? Good heavens.

Merc said...

I wish I could laugh, but that cover is wickedly misogynistic and ugly. And I rarely say that, but the violence of it, with the cleavage, and your talking about the "abrasions on her mouth". It's a pretty nasty image to be making light of. Not into it.

Rex Parker said...

The abrasions are to the book *cover*. They make her look like she has fangs. And I have no problem with the killing of vampires. Even hot ones.

Alix said...

Looks a bit long in the tooth to be called a girl. But then, maybe she appears younger without a noose around her neck.

Elaine said...

I thought maybe someone inked over part of her (orthodontically amazing) teeth in order to create the fangs. ("It was the only way to stop her!")

Proper nouns require capitalization...and isn't the phrase "round and blue as [Delft] saucers" unclear as to its antecedent? (I think the GUY has the big blue peepers!)

Larry said...

So I googled Leslie Ford mainly to find if the author is a man or woman. The latter is right according to and Ms. Ford is a pseudonym for Zeinth Brown, which I refuse to believe is not a misprint, surely Zeinth Brown is a made up name?

She was an English teach at U.Washington so has something in common with our genial host.

Michael5000 said...

This one is almost a bit too... hmm... snuff-y to be much fun.