Tuesday, January 5, 2010

57 Books from the University Book Sale: Books 35 and 36

Last two non-fiction (-ish) books from my library sale haul. They make a nice pair, I think.

Title: Jefferson: A Great American's Life and Ideas (Mentor 70 — 2nd ptg, Dec. 1952)
Author: Saul K. Padover
Cover artist: Jonas

Yours for: $5

  • Love the way "Abridged" is used as a major selling point — "Finally, our most important Founding Father, in a dose you can manage!"
  • Floating Head of Thomas Jefferson backed by the Floating Declaration of Independence. My Most Powerful, Floatingest cover ever.
  • "This planting season, why not outfit your team with Dr. E. J. Samuelson's newly patented Invisible Oxen Rigging! Amaze your friends as your oxen appear to pull your plow by sheer force of mind alone ..."

  • "Living Words ... written on dead sheep."

Page 123~

For Aaron Burr was not famous for virtue or steadfastness of character, and the idea of such a man's occupying the presidential chair was disturbing to responsible men.

Title: Masters of Deceit (Pocket Books 75099 — 22nd ptg!?!?!, 1966)
Author: J. Edgar Hoover
Cover artist: Ben Feder (designer)

Yours for: $10

  • "The Communists Will Spray Our Most Precious Documents with Ketchup, Make No Mistake!"

  • "Hello, Frederick's of Hollywood? This is, uh, Edwina Hooverston ..."
  • Blurbed his own book. Clever.

Page 123~

Five minutes later, a fourth person, a woman in a dark coat, arrives. Everything is quiet: no loud voices, no cars parked in front, no reason for the neighbors to suspect that a Communist Party meeting is in progress.

This book is really a fantastic window into Cold War paranoia. I might actually read it.


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Deb said...

Then Eddy and Clyde climbed into their pink pegnoirs and bitched about those dreadful communists with their dark clothes and their quiet lack of cars.

DemetriosX said...

Umm, that's not a Floating Constitution, that's a Floating Declaration of Independence. I mean, it's even legibly dated and says "Declaration" on it. Not to mention that Jefferson wrote the Declaration and had nothing to do with the Constitution (since he was in France at the time).

Also, that is one of the worst depictions of the man I have ever seen. He looks more like Conan O'Brian. And why is Monticello pink?

Rex Parker said...

@DX, and now you know how carefully I read some of my textier back covers.


Elaine said...

You know, I read that JEdgar book in HS; it was the most boring book I'd ever read. You may have found the only interesting sentence IN the book. Page 123....that's a long time to wait for an interesting sentence, isn't it?