Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paperback 185: Honey West: Dig a Dead Doll / G.G. Fickling (Pyramid R-1355)

Paperback 185: Pyramid Books R-1355 (2nd ptg - 1st thus, 1966)

: Honey West: Dig a Dead Doll
Author: G.G. Fickling
Cover artist: photo cover

Yours for: $11

Best things about this cover:
  • Alliteration? Check. Hot girl with gun? Check. Ocelot? Check.
  • Fencing in the foyer!
  • The Honey West novels were first published before the TV series, then reissued as TV tie-ins like this one. The series was short lived. More here.
  • This cover makes me sad, as I am sure that cat is drugged

Best things about this back cover:

  • Grrrr. Seriously, grrr, taking this fucking leash off, lady.
  • "Look, I give. You are very, very hot. I can't deny it. Now just put down the gun and dear god let the cat go already ..."

Page 123~

He shoved an elbow in my ribs. ". There is no place better to hide a body, no?" His eyes slid down to my hips. "Speaking of bodies, it is a shame to hide yours."

"Thanks," I said, patting his swarthy cheek. "You're not so bad after all."

Non-threatening lecherous Mexicans who love word play = comedy gold.



Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "TV's private eyeful". But how could they possibly have dressed Anne Francis in a slinky black bodysuit and made her look little more than moderately attractive? I mean, I'm way too young to have had a major Anne Francis thing, but anyone who's seen Forbidden Planet knows she was much hotter. Given the apparent lack of ocelots in the books, I wonder if there is any fencing in this story. And G.G. Fickling sounds vaguely dirty.

Anonymous said...

Here's what IMDb has to say about the series:

"After the death of her father, sexy Honey West took over his high-tech private detective firm, assisted by rugged Sam Bolt and her pet ocelot Bruce."

You can't beat a TV series with an ocelot named Bruce.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I remember the television show (Honey was so very cool in her black cat suit), but I don't recall the ocelot. I've probably blocked that particular cruelty from my mind.

Doug said...

I remember hearing that Reese Witherspoon was supposed to be starring in a HONEY WEST feature film. It sounded like it was going to be more in the AUSTIN POWERS mold than the JAMES BOND - kinda glad it hasn't happened yet. Only it frightens me that one day they'll get around to making it with someone like Miley Cyrus in the lead.

Anonymous said...

I have"friend"...who says that some of the Honey West TV episodes might actually be available on the intarwebs...not that I would know anything about that...

Michael5000 said...

I'm not saying that I don't like G.G. Fickling; it's just that I've never G.G. Fickled.