Friday, October 31, 2008

Paperback 157: Both Sides of the Law / Bertrand W. Sinclair (Western Novel Classic 110)

Paperback 157: Western Novel Classic 110 (PBO, 1951)
Title: Both Sides of the Law
Author: Bertrand W. Sinclair
Cover artist: [A. Leslie] Ross

Yours for: $15

Best things about this cover:

  • "Claude Akins and/or Andy Griffith is ... This Guy!"
  • That horse has a mangy mohawk and its eyes look Freaked Out
  • I am tired of these covers where people hold (and fire) guns at ridiculous angles. What is with the inside-out wrist flip here? That thing should kick out of his hand.
  • I'm gonna say gun beats lasso.
  • Why is he being lassoed??? Is he a performer in the world's most dangerous rodeo?
  • I guess he is a sheriff (the badge) and is also being hunted for some reason (the lasso). He needs to tie his kerchief tighter.

Best things about this back cover:

  • Wow, talk about lo-concept.
Page 123~

"But from my angle when I sat into this game, an' from the way you acted right from the first time you laid eyes on me, appearances were against you. When I expressed my opinion of you last night, it was my honest belief. I was dead certain at that minute that I was right. It seems that I was wrong."

"From one cowpoke to another, I honestly love you."



Michael5000 said...

Shouldn't it be:

The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel
The Classic Western Novel


Anonymous said...

he's a sheriff and being lassoed because he's on both sides of the law. It's the time-space continuum that is making his wrist turn like that.

Anonymous said...

Can something be both "a new book" and a "classic"?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what Prince Charles was doing in the old West.

JamiSings said...

Looking at his ears it's like someone tried to draw Andy Grifith as Mr. Spock. Seriously, the ears are pointed.

Granted, I wouldn't have thought of Andy at first glance if you hadn't already said it. Cause the top of his head looks all deformed. Like if he's one of those aliens with a big head. But I can kind of see Andy around the eyes, mouth, and chin.

Either way, the big top of his head, the pointed ears - he's not a sheriff, he's an alien posing as a sheriff. Which also explains the gun angle.

Alien telekentic powers beat both gun and lasso.