Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Pop Sensation" recommended by "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine" (Nov. 2008)

Just want to thank Bill Crider for recommending this blog in his "Blog Bytes" column in the most recent "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine." You should pick this issue up, both because I'm in it, and because it features a super-fantastic cover by legendary pulp artist Norman Saunders (whose work occasionally shows up in my own collection). Fellow cover art blogger (and Friend of This Blog, and librarian) Maughta also gets a shout-out for her blog, "Judge a Book by its Cover."

The review also points out that I am (or claim to be) the "55th Greatest Crossword Puzzle Solver in the Universe" - two blogs with one stone! Thanks to fellow crossnerd Doug Peterson for alerting me to the "EQMM" write-up.



Sobriquet Magazine said...

This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

i love these old pulp fiction covers - they never fail to make me smile or chuckle.

have you ever felt something is so bad that it's great ?? the artwork...the images...the style.....the inspiration....the latent sensuality (or not so latent)

ohhh i could go on waxing poetic ;)

i recently stumbled over a different blogger who is using these covers and changing the titles....

thanks rex for the smile!

ps. are you really the 55th best crossword puzzle solver ?? i mean, how do you get ranked ?? i'm horrible at crosswords - i love words but can never understand the clues ....

lola, still clueless

Anonymous said...

Rex you are becoming quite the internet celebrity. Can I be that guy who kind of sort of knew you before you were famous and only now comes nipping at your heels so as to take part in your new found luxury and decadence? It's a small dream, but it's mine.