Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paperback 74: Night of Masks / Andre Norton (Ace 57751)

Paperback 74: Ace 57751 (1st ptg, 1964)

Title: Night of Masks
Author: Andre Norton
Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Best things about this cover:

  • The artist's name - Gray Morrow, the Gloomiest Guy in Town!
  • "Maybe if I hold up this scary caucasian man-face, no one will notice that I am a 100-year-old drug-addicted Telly Savalas look-alike from Outer Space whose head is enormous and who is growing some kind of green mold on exactly one half of his body..."
  • Love the uninhabitable gothic moonrock cathedral in the background. And the stars shooting across the Pollock-splattered sky.



Michael5000 said...

Recognizing the name Andre Norton, I did some research and was surprised to discover that ol' Andre was actually of the female persuasion.

Then a glimmer of memory happened. Turns out I was surprised to discover that last time, too.

Little Lj said...

apart from that guys face giving me nightmares for at least the next week..

i loved 'most gifted spinner of yarns'..

neglected to mention that that is a title also shared by grandma's around the world!

August West said...

Looks like the Boris Karloff MUMMY character trying to play "The Phantom of the Opera" in a toga.
Love the PICs and dialog on your site...

Anonymous said...

Gray Morrow did comic book work for DC and Marvel in the 1960s and 1970s. I seem to rememebr him concentrating on romance, horror and science fiction, although he might have done a superhero story or two.