Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paperback 67: Law from Back Beyond (Chuck Martin) / Vengeance Valley (Roy Manning)

Paperback 67: Ace Double D-46 (PBO / 1st ptg, 1954)

Title: Law from Back Beyond / Vengeance Valley
Author: Chuck Martin / Roy Manning
Cover artist: Norman Saunders / John Leone

Best thing about this cover:

  • This man is practicing the little-known art of rock phrenology.
  • Jane has to ride out to retrieve her mentally-deranged brother, who suffers from the perpetual delusion that he is at the Alamo. Good thing his gun is merely an incense burner.

Best things about this other cover:

  • I feel as if I could cut-and-paste this guy into another scene and he would look far more like a guy dancing than a guy falling off a demon-possessed horse (look at its eyes! vacant!)



Little Lj said...
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Little Lj said...

at the risk of sounding terribly adolescent... oh em gee!!

i just noticed your link to my wee little bloggy-wog.. and can i just say aw shucks...

almost the best thing to happen to me so far this year haha!

i enjoy reading both your blogs over my morning coffee... i now can't imagine kick starting my day without it! that and the new york times crossword of course...

G said...

I think the best part of the second cover is the knowledge that the novel contained therein is "Complete and Unabridged"--thank god!

Michael5000 said...

I that like "Law From Back Beyond," which is kind of a odd and confusing title, is in the same book with "Vengeance Valley," which is a completely pat and formulaic title. You'd expect "Vengeance Valley" to be snuggled up with "Murder Mountain" or something.