Monday, June 11, 2007

"The Horse Killer"

A World Premiere Comics Event

by EHE


In panel 1, "NHEE" is the sound of the horse, neighing his final neigh inside the barn...

In panel 4, please understand that the man is handing the dead horse to his wife, who is standing directly on the other side of the horse, such that you can't see her (though you can hear her).

In panel 5, dialogue must be read right to left. Girl: "Pa, do you think you could make this a little easier?" Pa: "No." Girl is making bells or windchimes out of the horse's hooves while Pa cooks the horse meat (I think).

Copyright EHE, 2007


Orange said...

Has this been optioned for a feature film yet?

Anonymous said...

Reads like a scene from a Cormac McCarthy novel! Ah, imagination ...

Anonymous said...

Come now, Cormac McCarthy = read only when book club forces me to.

EHE = hotly anticipated debut!

Well done indeed. (I like the ambiguity too -- well done as in "good job" or as in "how I like my horse meat.")