Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paperback 602: The Body Lovers / Mickey Spillane (Signet P3221)

Paperback 602: Signet P3221 (1st ptg, 1967)

Title: The Body Lovers
Author: Mickey Spillane
Cover artist: photo cover (pictured: author Mickey Spillane himself)

Yours for: $11


Best things about this cover: 
  • In which Mike Hammer hunts down the monsters who designed this poor girl's wardrobe.
  • The budget for this cover shoot appears to have been about six dollars. Give or take.
  • Somewhat unfortunate that, in this pose, it looks like Hammer was caught on the verge of violating a corpse. Talk about your "Body Lovers!"
  • This is flawless, unread copy.


Best things about this back cover:
  • Ooh, I actually like the tricolor effect.
  • Underground orgy cults are the best kind of orgy cults. All the other orgy cults are too mainstream.
  • Next time someone claims to be a V.I.P. ... now you know.
  • Is that Buffalo News blurb praise or horrified observation? "Moose bondage!? Dear lord!"

Page 123~
"Just so you can't say we're not covering every route I'll see what Interpol has on Ali Duval and have them pick up anybody in a fez who isn't a shriner."
Exotic headwear enthusiasts, beware.


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Rick said...

That's author Mickey Spillane as Mike Hammer in the photo front cover, btw...

Karl said...

"Rick said...
That's author Mickey Spillane as Mike Hammer in the photo front cover, btw..."

And Spillane's mother as the (apparently) deceased (presumably) Loved Body?

Ah, the little-known Count de Sade: Poorer relation to the Marquis de Sade, the Count was noted for forgetting things -- where he put his car keys, his wife's birthday, etc., etc. Luckily Mickey Spillane is on the job, remembering all these things and putting them in this book!