Monday, July 4, 2011

Paperback 433: Sintown, U.S.A. / ed. Noah Sarlat (Lion Books 106)

Paperback 433: Lion Books 106 (PBO, 1952)

Title: Sintown, U.S.A.
Editor: Noah Sarlat
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $18


Best things about this cover:
  • Fresno! (my hometown—I bought this book for that reason alone)
  • I still don't know where "Bergen" is. Sweden?
  • She's a tough, sexy dame ... from the neck down. From the neck up, she is a wasted, miscoiffed mess.
  • I'm guessing what we're seeing here is one of them there "Sucker Traps..."


Best things about this back cover:
  • "You will not see wealthy dowagers with lorgnettes sipping wine and nibbling on cheese in their opera boxes"
  • My guess is that if the reader has bothered to flip the book over to read the back cover, he already suspects that it's not about the genteel habits of the urban elite. The book is called "Sintown, U.S.A." for god's sake.
  • I like how this book goes beyond the mere assertion of the existence of a thriving underground vice economy to the more provocative claim that said "muck and misery and seaminess" are the "bedrock" of Anytown, U.S.A. "Can't have museums without hookers aplenty. That's nature's law."
  • 20,000 seems an awfully arbitrary number.
  • I've never been to Yourtown. Mytown, sure. But not Yourtown.

Page 123~

Many a respected Bergen citizen with a kingsize "monkey riding on his back" is in hock up to his ears.

As any Swede can tell you, it costs a lot of money to care for back-riding monkeys, especially the big ones.


P.S. Bergen, it turns out, is in Norway. Also, New Jersey.

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Dr. Monkey said...

Bergen is in New Jersey.

Deb said...

Apparently, neither New York nor Los Angeles has any muck, misery, or seaminess, but, boy, stay away from Butte!

Deniz Bevan said...

So, nothing sinful going on in towns with a smaller population?

cwogle said...

I spent a night in Butte once and I know I didn't get any action, so now I'm buying a ticket to Bergen.

Kev D. said...

"It might be YOUR TOWN, USA"

Was it really necessary to add the U.S.A. ?


borky said...


I love the way the hooker's dressed for summer, but looks as if her teeth's chattering because it's the middle of winter, something seemingly confirmed by the attire of the approaching 'john'.

You can also tell from his demeanour he's a local because he's clearly seen it all before and looks as if he can't make up his mind whether to pretend he's not noticing her because he's distracted, because he's shy, or because he's embarrassed lighter fuel and industrial strength toilet cleaner've turned the girl's brains to such mush she can no longer recognise her own father.

She's not so much a sucker trap - as a trap that sucks!

One thing this book finally explains is why this site's a cesspool of depravity - Rex himself comes from Sintown, a town that doesn't so much like to say "Fres-NO!", as "Hell YE'!" and where the leading citizens openly go 'round with kingsize monkeys on their back.

And why is that, Rex - why're so many of your town folk monkeysexuals? Are you a monkeysexual?

Before I started visiting this site, like all denizens of innocent hearted Liverpool UK, I never once had seedy notions in my head, or foul language in my vocabulary - but look at me now!

At least I can claim not to be a monkeysexual...and don't start trying to claim gerbils're the same thing!