Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paperback 387: The Great Houdini / Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein (SBS T 76)

Paperback 387: Scholastic Book Services T 76 (12th ptg, 1970)

Title: The Great Houdini
Authors: Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein
Cover artist: uncredited

Yours for: not for sale


Best things about this cover:
  • Houdini simply would not let Run-DMC show him up, chain-wise.
  • Access to Houdini's junk was so highly prized that he had to lock that shit down. For real.
  • Houdini used a wormhole to travel through time. He ended up in the year 2024. Unfortunately, his clothes ended up in 1863.


Best things about this back cover:

  • Worst back cover ever. I got nothin'.

Page 123~

Whenever he entered a new city he went straight to the police headquarters, to challenge the authorities to lock him in their strongest fetters and their safest prison cell.

I'm surprised this did not get him severely beaten on a regular basis, especially if he showed up dressed like he is on the front cover. Cops have real work to do, jackwad.


Thanks to Jami for sending this book my way. And I repromise to be more prolific.

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JamiSings said...

Did you get the box of books too? I sent that one the same day but I had to send it parcel post otherwise it was going to cost me $31. (It was a Sunday so I used the machine which does not give a book rate option.)

borky said...

Glad to have you back mate - don't want you to feel burdened into burning yourself out trying to keep up with insatiable appetites like mine for your irreverent stylings, 'specially since if you're to rise to 43rd place in the crossword rankings!

borky said...

Normally reading your stuff automatically sends me into smart arse mode but this time you've crystalised something that's always bugged me about Houdini: the story about him dying as a result of his habit of regularly inviting young college jocks to hit him with their best shots...

This's a mother fixated guy who was always beating on women for claiming to be psychic and who at any opportunity was always stripping stark bollock naked, wrapping himself in chains, and inviting coppers and sundry other uniformed types to use their truncheons to enthusiastically rummage about his person in pursuit of places where he might secrete the keys to his apartment.

Maybe the reason he was always inviting the Village People to lock him in gaol, throw away the key and give his arse a good pounding was because like Lawrence of Arabia, somewhere along the way he developed a taste for that sort of thing...

JamiSings said...

Actually ol' Lawrence didn't like sex with EITHER gender. He thought it a waste of energy and bodily fluids. He just traded sex for things like extra food and blankets for his men.

I forget which book I read it in. I think it was A Treasury Of Royal Scandals by Michael Farquhar - or one of his other books. I do know it was one he wrote. Quoted directly from some of Lawrence's letters to a friend.

rnigma said...

The authors (who later married each other) also wrote the Ken Holt mystery series under the pseudonym "Bruce Campbell." No joke.