Friday, January 30, 2009

Paperback 193: Naked Nurse / Ben Anderton (Chariot Books CB-216)

Paperback 193: Chariot Books CB-216 (PBO, 1962)

Title: Naked Nurse
Author: Ben Anderton
Cover artist: [Robert Maguire]

Yours for: SOLD (June '09)

Best things about this cover:

  • Semicolon? Really? Did you think that would look fancier than your run-of-the-mill comma? And what is up with that first dash, after "Raw"? What did the comma ever do to you, copywriter guy?
  • That's right, my first comment about the cover of a book called "Naked Nurse," which depicts an honest-to-god naked nurse, was about punctuation. That is how I roll.
  • "She admired his skill in surgery" - Really? She does not look like she is "admiring" anything. She looks like she is cowering in fear. Naked fear.
  • The art is actually first-rate and looks suspiciously like the work of the legendary Bob Maguire (his female faces and hair are very distinctive)
  • Ben Anderson's chosen pseudonym was woefully inadequate

Best things about this back cover:

  • Oh god. And I thought the front cover had punctuation issues. It's a bloodbath back here. "White capped" needs a hyphen, the dash after "nurse" is ridiculous and superfluous, there should be a comma after "Young" ... jeez louise, there's subject / verb disagreement in the description of "Lynn!" I can't go on. You can see the carnage for yourself. I wonder if Chariot Books outsourced their cover copy-writing to, let's say, the Ukraine, and then had the Ukrainians forward their work to Laos for proofing...
  • "Penetrating" - tee hee
  • "For Men" - you don't say ...

Page 123~

The local minister who performed the ceremony, so far from the strident complexities of the city, had expressed his pleasure in learning that the community was to have a new expert surgeon to help care for their ills.

Oh boy, an expert surgeon! No more getting appendectomies from Floyd the Barber! Hurrah!



Keri said...


The page 123 excerpt suggests to me that the troubled grammar isn't located only on the cover.

doug said...

Damn - and I thought I was just making this up...

Alix said...

The punctuation is giving me the dry heaves. I need an expert surgeon, or a brilliant resident surgeon -- either one.

Michael5000 said...

Awesome cover and writeup -- as always. I don't think she's cowering in fear; however. I think she's -- cowering in ennui.

Student nurses are "white capped" only in storms and; during gale force winds.

mr said...

Who is Sally, and what is she doing in Lynn's bed?

Kathy P said...

I would only like this book better if it were by the author of "One Wild Oat" instead of "Wild Oats."

Tulse said...

what is she doing in Lynn's bed?

Strange practices, which must involve bondage, since Sally apparently can't leave the bed.

To heck with the doctors, let's hear more about Lynn and Sally!

laura linger said...

As a rich neurotic woman myself, I am offended by Dr. Forsythe...that is, after I finish screwing him and giving him the keys to my Mercedes and access to my bank account.