Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paperback 150: The Dead Beat / Robert Bloch (Popular Library 60-2299)

Paperback 150: Popular Library 60-2299 (1st, 1961)

Title: The Dead Beat
Author: Robert Bloch
Cover artist: uncredited

Yours for: $8

Best things about this cover:

  • Her face - everything about it screams horror hilarity
  • She looks like she's about to snap her own neck
  • That mouth is So Red that I can only imagine / hope / surmise that this novel involves her drinking blood
  • "My hair! O, why did I ever swim in that stupid, over-chlorinated community pool!"
  • "My robe! It appears to have fallen open to reveal my impossibly spherical boobs!"
  • "My jaw! I can't shut it! How am I even forming this sentence!?"
  • Honestly, I love the design on this cover. The jagged backgrounds, the sickly colors. All gold. I believe the word "shocker" is even being struck by something resembling lightning. Fabulous.

Best things about this back cover:

  • "Did we mention that Robert Bloch wrote 'Psycho'? 'Cause he did. Write 'Psycho.' It's true. 'Psycho!'"
  • "(Remember the author's Psycho)" - um, hey, reviewer from EQMM: the movie adaptation was an international sensation and made a generation of people think twice about getting in the shower. I'm pretty sure folks "remember."
  • "Psycho!"
Page 123~

Then he walked in. Opportunity knocks, but Larry walked in. He knew where he was going.

Did I mention that Bloch is a pretty good writer?



JamiSings said...

But what's the plot of the book? I don't care what he wrote before or what the reviewers say. I want to know the plot!

I wonder why the book publishers never think the way I do.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the plot, it's sure to be chilling! I'm gettin' goosebumps over here!

Tulse said...

Robert Bloch...Robert where have I heard that name'll come to me...

Eunice said...

Now stop me if I'm wrong, but didn't he write Psycho? In fact I'm pretty sure this book is telling me to go read that one instead.

I like how there's a wind blowing her hair around (because I'm fairly sure movement couldn't make it do that), but not here robe.

Anonymous said...

"Should leave you glassy eyed..." hahahahaha.

Michael5000 said...

My eyes! Glassy!

Doug said...

My Grand dad gave me this when I was ten or so. (Eccentric southerners make the best grand parents for yankee kids!) and I honestly remember turning the book to it's side hoping I could get a peek under her blouse.