Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Paperback 120: While Murder Waits / Bruce Cassiday (Graphic 145)

Paperback 120: Graphic 145 (PBO, 1957)

Title: While Murder Waits
Author: Bruce Cassiday
Cover artist: Al Puhn (that's a painting!?!?!)

Yours for: $10

Best things about this cover:
  • Alternative titles:
    • "Saran-Wrapped for Murder!"
    • "Shrink-Wrapped for Murder!"
    • "Harlot Under Plastic!"
    • "I Spent My Prom in the Shower"
  • "I'm this many years old!"

Best things about this back cover:
  • OMG, yes. Please please please can we call it a slay!?
  • It began like a game of what?
  • "Cash Madigan!" - awesome name, but how much of a tough guy can he be if he has to struggle to fight his way out of some dame's arms?
  • "Some like 'em dying!" - god I love this cover copy writer. That phrase isn't even remotely close to an actual phrase. "What rhymes with 'Hot?' ... I know, how 'bout 'dying'?!"

Page 123~

Marty Roan's eyes were narrowed and bright with thought. "Granted she did not have money, there still might be reason for the badger game."



Tulse said...

"Badger game"? "Drop-the-hanky"? Did the author have a very different childhood from my own?

Anonymous said...

I must be really old. I know what both games are. One is an extortion scheme and one really is a children's game. That makes me what, 125 years old?

justjack said...

Front cover: "Live long and...omigawd! Nobody told me Vulcans were hung!"

Michael5000 said...

I'm still stuck way back at the title. "While Murder Waits"? What the hell does that even MEAN?!