Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paperback 66: Strange Desire / Wayne Wallace (Brandon House 743)

Paperback 66: Brandon House 743 (PBO, 1965)

Title: Strange Desire
Author: Wayne Wallace
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours For: $27 (SOLD - 4/18/08)

Best things about this cover:
  • Those panties look like a very late add-on - not part of the original design. Perhaps, amazingly (and ironically), someone at Brandon House had some qualms about the good taste of the cover... and yet the overlaid underwear only makes the picture seem lewder.
  • What causes someone to want to lounge around in a state of near-complete undress ... in heels?
  • The dripping title is So disturbing. Why would a novel about lesbians feature a title that appears to have been written in ... a fluid not normally associated with lesbians?
  • These are the most bored-looking naked lesbians I've ever seen. Either they are in between takes at a porno film shoot, or they are discussing Sartre's Being and Nothingness. "You know nothing of Jean-Paul's work. I turn my back on you!"

Best things about this back cover:
  • So sleazy. I hate the photo covers because they just seem so sad and exploitative. This poor woman looks like the photographer found her in some kind of whore house / opium den and told her he'd give her $25 if she pulled her dress down. Kind of reminds me of ... did you ever see "Fame?" If so, then you know the scene I'm talking about. Irene Cara ... weeping ... ugh. I like my exploitation painted (i.e. fictional), thank you very much.
  • "Conquest" is the best euphemism ever. It's got all the relevant letters in it, though.



Orange said...

Why haven't I seen any underwear tattoos? That's a great template on the front cover.

Michael5000 said...

Sweet. Lotsa laffs from me and Mrs.5000 on this writeup.

G said...

Lounging around in heels and nothing else can be fun, sometimes. You know, whilst enjoying a bottle of wine and No Exit.

Also also, the megalomania is just a cover. But thanks for the charming-- I knew you wouldn't take the "bite me" thing seriously. Cheers.