Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paperback 982: Nothing More Than Murder / Jim Thompson (Dell 738)

Paperback 982: Dell 738 (1st ptg, 1953)

Title: Nothing More Than Murder
Author: Jim Thompson
Cover artist: George Geygan

Estimated value: $60-75
Condition: 7/10

Best things about this cover:
  • Seriously, what part of him is she stroking? It looks like a lion's paw is growing out of his stomach.
  • I think the bed is supposed to be on fire, but all I see is his hair on fire. Like, "Oh my god, she's stroking my paw ....!!!" and then cartoon fire shoots out of his head.
  • Her hair is nuts, but she is otherwise not hard to look at.

Best things about this back cover:
  • Love love love the color blocks, and the terse, terse blurbs.
  • More blurbs should be as succinct and enigmatic as "Strong meat"
  • But then "both in style and story" shoulda been lopped. Adds nothing. Why am I editing this back cover copy 60+ years after the fact!?

Page 123~

A couple of bobby soxers stood up near the popcorn machine, giggling and talking to Harry, and watching me out of the corner of their eyes.

The period of pulp culture I'm most interested in can probably best be defined as "that period during which the term 'bobby soxer' had currency" (so, '40s-'60s, give or take)


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DemetriosX said...

I think the burning thing is supposed to be film. But, yeah, it looks like his hair is on fire. The greenish tint to the shadows also makes them both look like they have advanced gangrene.

I think the thing she's stroking is the knee of his top leg (bottom leg stretched out behind her). I know he's supposed to have his arm around her waist, but said waist is so impossibly thin it looks like he's plunged his arm into her abdomen up to his elbow.