Friday, April 29, 2016

Paperback 939: The 13th Immortal / Robert Silverberg // This Fortress World / James E. Gunn (Ace Double D-223)

Paperback 939: Ace Double D-223 (PBO / 1st ptg, 1957)

Title: The 13th Immortal / This Fortress World
Author: Robert Silverberg / James E. Gunn
Cover artists: [Ed Valigusrsky / Ed Emshwiller]

Estimated value: $10-15

Best things about this cover:
  • Look familiar? (see Paperback 938)
  • On line at the Genius Bar: "It won't reboot."
  • I wanna do a coffee table book of old scifi art called "When Robots Looked Cool."
  • Actually this one only looks cool above the waistline. Down below, things are a little spindly.
Best things about this other cover:
  • You do not want to make an illegal throw-in in space soccer. The penalty's pretty harsh.
  • Love the guy's double fear-hand (which are really shock-hand, but I'm gonna say "close enough").
  • The nose-high black latex suit really completes the "Intergalactic Sexual Sadist" look.

Page 123~ (from The 13th Immortal)

One crushing fact rolled down on Kesley like a shock wave. One fact.

Please enjoy this eternal cliffhanger.


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DemetriosX said...

I'm bothered by the giant figure on the second cover. Beyond the fact that they've rolled their turtleneck up over their face, I can't really tell what that expression is supposed to be. The eyebrows suggest something angry or hateful, but everything else say concerned to me.

Also, which book is the quote from?

Amanda said...

You know what they say about robots with spindly legs . . .