Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Paperback 863: Father and Son / James T. Farrell (Signet D1066)

Paperback 863: Signet D1066 (1st ptg, 1953)

Title: Father and Son
Author: James T. Farrell
Cover artist: James Avati

Estimated value: $8-10

Best things about this cover:

  • This is as dynamic as Avati gets. This is Avati tripping balls. This is Avati's dark twisted fantasy. This is porno-vati. I mean, that one guy's hand is adjacent to that woman's ass. Ass-adjacent! Call the censors.
  • Why would you name your kid "A. Stormy Adolescence?" That's just cruel.
  • "Hey, lady. Lady! I come bearing snakes … it's a metaphor."
  • All main people in Avati paintings are lit like religious figures. Beatific. Haloed in light.
  • I do (sort of!) like the way this pictures is posted and pillared into three parts, a triptych, with the salacious stuff happening on the ends, but our primaries still framed in a place of relative innocence in the center.

Best things about this back cover:

  • We get it. One's old, one's young. It's called Father and Son, for god's sake. Move along.
  • I really want this to be a 500pp. novel (!) about a guy who stops trying to understand his son and just takes him to a whorehouse.
  • Unflinching! This novel will not flinch. Tickle it. Pretend you're going to punch it. You'll see.

Page 123~

Father Michael took a cowbell off the window ledge and marched downstairs to ring it.

Sorry, this is all I can think of right now:


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Dave M said...

The charming Jimmy Fallon mentions the cowbell sketch when he visits Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Stoutcat said...

"Find a girl, settle down, if you want you can get married...
Look at me, I am old but I'm happy."

Oh, wait.