Friday, February 27, 2015

Paperback 862: The Valiant Strain / Kenneth E. Shiflet (Dell First Edition B126)

Paperback 862: Dell First Edition B126 (PBO, 1959)

Title: The Valiant Strain
Author: Kenneth E. Shiflet
Cover artist: [Robert McGinnis]

Estimated value: $8-10

Best things about this cover:

  • Lieutenant Grumpystache misses his Xbox.
  • That neckerchief is beautiful. I also love the orange, the hint of mountains, the way the line of soldiers on horseback extends and fades to nothing. Fine little touches like these make this potentially generic cover visually interesting.
  • Turns out McGinnis can paint things other than bored-looking half-naked ladies with ample hips. I had to double-check my own labeling just now, because I thought "no way this is McGinnis."

Best things about this back cover:

  • "A story as big and rugged as these two giant dueling cocks … oh, sorry sabers. Those are sabers. All appearances to the contrary … sabers."
  • I can't wait to read about the "strain" that brought the giant dueling cocks men to their "final glory." I am in. Money down, out the door. You had me at "shavetail."

Page 123~

Roan thought of how Graham had denied them.

Don't deny them, Graham. Open your heart. Let your love flow. And nevermind that I'm taking things out of context, just go with it.


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Graham Powell said...

I'm far too repressed to do any of those things you mentioned.

Patrick Murtha said...

That drawing of the sabers is an amazing discovery. It's so eye-poppingly obvious, I'm really surprised that it got past Dell's controls.

DemetriosX said...

I'm not sure if that's a young Fred Gwynne or Powers Booth as Curly Bill, but in any case either he's riding a Shetland pony or he's nine feet tall. Other than those proportions, though, it's a good cover.