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Paperback 686: No Limits / ed. Joseph W. Ferman (Ballantine U2220)

Paperback 686: Ballantine Books U2220 (PBO, 1964)

Title: No Limits
Editor: Joseph W. Ferman
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $8


Best things about this cover:
  • OK, it's not scintillating or sexy, but it's got a preposterous, "Jetsons"-like quality to it that I like.
  • Remember when the future was going to be Awesome!? This cover does.
  • I like how some of these bridges make sense (with arched, actual bridge-like structure) and others look like loopy whimsical structures that would snap in a strong wind.
  • I used to have a Leigh Brackett obsession. I may have it again. She wrote a lot, in a lot of genres, and a lot of it very, very good.  But, with apologies to Asimov fans, Sturgeon is the greatest name on this list.


Best things about this back cover:
  • "Acidulous"! Be still my heart.
  • I wish I were named "Robert Conquest." I feel as if, with that name, I could do anything.
  • The decorative band in the middle of this back cover is odd and pretty.

Page 123~

from "And Then She Found Him" by Algis Budrys

"I'm sorry, Frank," Deerbush said. He stepped back, holding one of Vi's wrists now, and with the other hand he hit Stannard hard on the jaw. As Stannard fell down, Vi began to scream.


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Steve O said...

I have vague memories of owning this. Asimov and Del Rey would probably be the weakest writers in this volume.Loved Asimov as a kid but find him unreadable now.Just a bad writer. Love Sturgeon, Miller, Kornbluth, Budrys and Davidson especially. Slesar wrote a lot of great crime stories.