Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paperback 685: Swapping Society / Jack Woods (Corsair Books 216)

Paperback 685: Corsair Books 216 (PBO, 1968)

Title: Swapping Society
Author: Jack Woods
Cover artist: Uncredited. Feels like somebody famous, but I can't remember his name... [possibly Bill Ward or Gene Bilbrew or Eric Stanton]

Yours for: Not for Sale [part of the Doug Peterson Collection]


Best things about this cover:

  • Glenda will not have her magnificent buttcheeks upstaged by some young hippie's perky rack. Back to the dorms with you and your left boob, Missy.
  • How is this vampire different from all other vampires? Well, Missy, she's about to show you.
  • Not sure how this cover can be so sexed-up and yet feel so dull. It's like people dressed for an orgy but decided to reenact a routine medical exam instead.
  • Behold this imprint! I'd never even heard of Corsair until Doug handed me this book last weekend. Skull & crossbones = righteous.


Best things about this back cover:

  • A lesbian dominatrix who's into BDSM? That's what's called hitting the jackpot, paperbackwise.
  • Ha ha, "You." Gotta love second-person cover copy. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure (which ... would be ... the greatest thing ever ...).
  • "Plunge Into the Aberrant Happenings" should be some state's motto. Nebraska? I'm looking at you...
  • And the winner of all typos is .... [drum roll] ... UNCERTAINTLY! Pick up your check at the door, buddy. You earned it!

Page 123~

"They let's go, darling," Linda whispered, smearing her wet lips over his cheek. "I need a real man to take care of me—as hot as I am right now. And I'm sure you can do the job with flying colors."

Sorry, Linda, you lost me at "smearing."


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Anonymous said...

This cover artist's style kinda resembles Bill Ward's, he of the buxom ladies who graced the pages of Cracked, Humorama, and much more.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, it's almost certainly Bill Ward, esp. the brunette. I'd wager on it.

Rex Parker said...

Just perused his art, and think you might be right. I'll put a tentative attribution in the write-up. Thx.

DemetriosX said...

I know what you mean about the lack of sexiness in the cover. It should work, but it doesn't. Might be the style, or the fact that Veronica's head is a little too big.

I totally missed "uncertaintly", because my brain latched onto "manson". Given the publication date and the hints of strange goings-on, that's somewhat apt, too.

Artie Mondello said...

Actually, I think this cover's by Eric Stanton. Similar style to Ward & Bilbrew, but I can tell a Stanton ass a mile away...

Rex Parker said...

Stanton! Man, it's weird how there's a def. mid-late '60s style that many different artists are tapping into. Explicit, comical, comic-book inspired ...