Saturday, August 3, 2013

Paperback 679: Murder and the Married Virgin / Brett Halliday (Dell 323)

Paperback 679: Dell 323 (1st ptg, 1949)

Title: Murder and the Married Virgin (a Michael Shayne Story)
Author: Brett Halliday
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $12


Best things about this cover:

  • So ... I'm guessing he's "The Married Virgin"
  • I like how she is wearing an snow leopard-fringed cape and how it magically adheres to her back in defiance of all the laws of physics.
  • This is an oddly romantic / sweet / slicks-type illustration. Where is my Sleaze!?
  • I would not willingly live in the '40s but people did dress awesomer.


Best things about this back cover:

  • Mapback!
  • Barbie Dream House!
  • That library is impressive.
  • This illustration raises the question—does anything at all happen on the left side of the house?

Page 123~

"You're after something" Shane reasoned bitterly.

Wow, that is some unfortunate verb+adverb action.


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DemetriosX said...

The title sounds like it's for an episode of Love, American Style. Or I guess in this case Murder, American Style.