Monday, October 15, 2012

Paperback 572: The Innocent Mrs. Duff / Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (Dell 194)

Paperback 572: Dell 194 (1st ptg, 1947)

Title: The Innocent Mrs. Duff
Author: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Cover artist: Gerald Gregg

Yours for: $20
Best things about this cover:
  • Love this cover, mainly because I had No idea what I was looking at at first (and still get vaguely confused every time I look at it now). At first I thought the shape inside the bottle was some kind of high-heeled shoe. Then I thought the shot glass was the barrel of some gun that the man had laid on the table. Now I understand that it's really just a depressed drunk guy slouching forward on some kid of bar, but the strange arrangements of shapes is still really intriguing. The twinkle of light on the rim of the glass is my favorite part..
  • Also love the extended flourish on the capital "T" in "The"—makes the word seem as if it has emanated from the bottle.
  • Ooh, "crime map on the back cover"—let's check it out.


Best things about this back cover:
  • Love the excessively detailed Floor Plan. No toilet in the place, but ... minor detail.
  • That is a very, very odd place for a carousel. 
  • The text boxes marking locations are comically unnecessary. Surprised there aren't "Tree" and "Grass" boxes. Of *all* the things in this painting, the *one* thing I'd expect to get a text box explanation (the carousel) is the one that doesn't have one.

Page 123~

Locked in his room, he lay down on the bed and fell asleep at once. He waked with a start, in a flame of anger against Reggie. She wants to leave me here, does she? All right. Let her go. Let her go to hell.

When I read this, all I hear is the voice of Charlton Heston in "Planet of the Apes."


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Anonymous said...

A shack by the beach with two bathrooms and a room for the maid? ...and a carousel?!

Nature Boy said...

" No toilet in the place, but ... minor detail. "

There's a huge toilet - the big blue thing on the upper right.

Random White Guy said...

So which one is Mrs. Duff?

Anonymous said...

minor detail , but isn't that a bathroom next to the back porch ?
That cover, makes it seem like one eye's gone blurry lookin at it

Anonymous said...

oop upon more careful inspection there are two bathrooms but cannot actually see a toilet drawn in,,maybe the unamed carousel is an outhouse disguised as a carousel ?

Marla said...

These people apparently have a different concept of "shack" than I do, similar to Mitt Romney's "garage."