Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paperback 391: Confessions of a Part Time Bride / Hall Bennett (Love Novel 4)

Paperback 391: Love Novel 4 (1st ptg, 1945)

Title: Confessions of a Part Time Bride
Author: Hall Bennett
Cover artist: "J.C."

Yours for: $10


Best things about this cover:
  • When they say "hands are hard to draw," they aren't kidding. Yikes.
  • What's most interesting to me are the *tiniest* suggestions of "bed": head is on a pillow, which I can tell is a pillow only by seeing the corner (which merges w/ the end of the word "Bride"); the small bit of ruffle on her shoulder, suggesting a frilly nightgown; the prominent ring emphasizing "it's marital!," raising questions about the suggestive "Part Time" part of the title ...
  • Really like the font on "Part Time Bride." Really wish "Part Time" were properly punctuated.


Best things about this back cover:

Kind of a cool logo, actually. It's all very saucy for the mid-'40s, frankly.

Page 123~

"It's probably just another poor fish—customer to you, sugar. Those birds—the police, I mean—aren't likely to be so reticent."

Well, that's one way to handle slang in your stories.



capewood said...

Only $2 for a complete Love novel!

DemetriosX said...

I'm not quite clear what the "$2.00 love novel" refers to. The price of the book is just to the left and is 25 cents. It seems as though there is a series called $2.00 love, which certainly sounds like prostitution.

Deb said...

It looks like they took the hyphen that should have been placed between the words "part" and "time," and placed it instead between the words "love" and "thrills." Does "love-thrills romance" make sense to anyone?

borky said...

I look at the back cover logo and I find myself thinking, "Before the invention of Braille, lovers still had acne."

I can almost hear her thinking, "that one's developed nicely, as soon as I've finished up here I'll be squeezing that."

And what do they mean by 'Complete Love': "I'll let you rub your bits and pieces against me boobs for a buck fifty, but a happy ending's extra!"?