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Friday, July 11, 2008

Paperback 123: Johnny Havoc and the Doll Who Had "It" / John Jakes (Belmont 90-289)

Paperback 123: Belmont 90-289 (PBO, 1963)

Title: Johnny Havoc and the Girl Who Had "It"
Author: John Jakes
Cover artist: photo cover

Yours for: $9

Best things about this cover:

  • If by "It" you mean "pointy left boob" or "bosomy sweater-filling capability," then yes, she has "It."
  • I would love it if the "It" in this title was actually just the stupid cigarette
  • I Love this dame: "Yeah, I got "It" - what's it to ya?!"
  • Great cover copy - parodying this cigarette advertising campaign:


Best things about this back cover:

  • There are some days when it's Really hard to improve on the paperback's own inherent funniness. Today is one of those days.
  • I love the idea of having your P.I.'s shtick be ... that he's short.
  • INA Young has a name built for crosswords (among other things, I'm sure)
  • "Wednesday Wilde" is a great play on Sex Kitten Tuesday Weld (who was in my favorite movie that no one saw - "Serial" - as well as on the cover of one of my favorite albums of the 90s - Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend")

Page 123~

"Hey, Moe, you all right?" I touched his shoulder.
One fat tear trickled down his cheek. "I shoulda been a pawnbroker, Claudio."
My God, don't start bawling."
"It's Finishville. For all of us."