Saturday, December 15, 2007

Paperback 55: The Luciano Story / Sid Feder and Joachim Joesten (Popular Giant G155)

Paperback 55: Popular Giant G155 (1st ptg, 1956)

Title: The Luciano Story
Author: Sid Feder and Joachim Joesten
Cover artist: N/A

Best things about this cover:

  • "Ripped from the headlines ... literally! Ripped! Look at the jagged edges!"
  • Extra! Extra! Extra!, this cover blows.

Best things about this back cover:

  • Now we're talking: "Hi, I'm Lucky. I like booze. And cigarettes. And probably dames."
  • "Underworld Overlord" - looks like some copywriter is bucking for a promotion!
  • "In breezy journalese..." - I didn't know "journalese" could be "breezy." Does the Buffalo Courier-Express know that "journalese" is characterized by (and I quote) "clichés, sensationalism, and triteness of thought"?
  • Speaking of "hack" writing, I dare you to "hack" your way through that first sentence. I mean, just try saying it out loud and see if you have any @#$#-ing idea what the author is trying to say.



Michael5000 said...

I don't think the copywriter ever that promotion. It's a little astounding that right there on the back cover, the real estate you would normally use to seal the deal with an potential buyer, the blurb mentions, completely out of left field, that ol' Charlie Lucky is writing his memoirs, which are going to be a more detailed account than this one you are holding....

Thanks for the tip, inept book marketing guy! I'll hold out for the memoirs!

G said...

Probably dames? Hmmm. And I love any story that is "replete with the incidents in the rise of a man who didn't want to be a 'crum' to the pinnacle of underworld success." I mean, who wouldn't?

Again, Rex, kudos on a lovely analysis.